Point of interest 


Set back from the path from Meiringen to Rosenlaui is situated the detached pasture area (Vorsass) Rüötsperri. The strange-sounding name was formerly used in the Haslital dialect for a detached pasture for rutting bulls. The area is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Reichenbach valley: mighty sycamore decorate lush alpine pastures, above the sharp jagged peaks of the Engelhorn chain tower up into the air, while towards the back of the valley the ice-capped north faces of the Wellhorn and the Wetterhorn rise up. Another suggestive accent create the large boulders here and there in the pastures. As picturesque the sight might be, the reason why they are here, is rather tragic. The massive chunks were namely deposited here in May 1792 by a landslide on the Lauihorn. A woman and her two daughters living in a cottage in the Fruttli (somewhat beneath Rüötsperri) were victims of the natural disaster