Point of interest 

Erratic Blocks in Lammi

The Kirchet is situated between Innertkirchen and Meiringen. The mighty rock barrier in the Hasli valley, is linked in an interesting way with the city of Bern. There, the Nydegg bridge, the first urban viaduct, was built in 1840 - 1844. It should connect the old town and the plateau on the other side of the Aare at the same level. The bridge was built mainly with sandstone blocks from the surroundings of Bern. However, for the main arch they wanted to use beautiful and bright granite, as it occurs in the Grimsel area. The transport on the narrow mule track with the vehicles of those times was not possible. So they used granite blocks that had been left behind on the Kirchet by the Aare glacier during the last Ice Age. The granite erratic blocks from Schattenhalb were of excellent quality and very white due to the high quartz content. In the area of Lammi a real big business was raised in 1842. Over 50 stonemasons from Italy were busy with cracking and trimming the erratic blocks. Even today, single mighty erratic blocks can be discovered near the hiking trail from Lammi toward the Aare canyon.