Point of interest 

The Bog Chaltenbrunnen

The Chaltenbrunnen bog near Meiringen is the Switzerland's best preserved wetland area. The bog is still in its original condition since the remove of peat was not worthy. The raised bog between Gyrensprung and Chaltenbrunnenalp is the jewel of the approximately one square kilometer large bog landscape Chaltenbrunnen-Wandelalp. The raised bog displays its most beautiful face after late summer. Then it puts forward a tremendous blaze of color: The vast sedge fields gleam in warm red and ochre colors. In between loose stocks of small mountain pines set bright green accents. The deep blue sky reflects in numerous small lakes and ponds. The intact state of the peatland is due to its remoteness. Neither mountain lifts nor bus routes provide convenient access. The bog is located far away from traffic routes and settlements. It can be reached only by foot.