Point of interest 


When there were no refrigerators, other methods had to be applied to enjoy a cold beer in summer. In the southwest of the village of Meiringen, ice was recovered during winter from the Balmglunte. The pond was in the shade for months, had only a shallow depth and froze therefore quickly during cold weather. Then some farmers from the neighboring Schattenhalb went out to harvest ice (Iischen). They sawed by hand from the ice sheet 40x50 cm large blocks. The cold load was transported with horse-drawn wagons to Meiringen train station, and from there to the nearby ice storehouse in Meiringen or by train to the Eichhof brewery in Lucerne. The "Iischen" had been carried out for decades, for the last time in winter 1961/62. The following year, the Balmglunte was drained because of the construction of the bypass road. In 2009/10 a part of the terrain has been restored and re-equipped with a pond.