Point of interest 

Holdri Waterfalls

The Holdri waterfalls in the rear Lauterbrunnen valley are a hidden treasure. In the valley there are several waterfalls, which are clearly visible from far. One of them is the Schmadribach fall. It characterizes the end of the valley towards the south, but even far onward in the valley floor, it offers a magnificent sight. The Schmadribach flows through a steep mountain forest beneath the impressive waterfall towards the valley. It rushes over several rocky steps into the depth and forms the Holdri falls. The impressive natural spectacle is reserved to hikers traveling on the mountain path between Schiirboden and Läger. A sign indicates the junction, and a narrow path leads up through the trees to the mountain creek. Passed the first waterfall you arrive at a footbridge. From the small meadow on the opposite side you can enjoy an excellent view to the upper waterfalls. The glacier water is thundering down with a loud roaring, forming dense clouds of foam.