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Lake Tschingel – a Changing Landscape

On 18 July 1972, after a heavy hailstorm a debris flow came down from the Ärmighorn to the Kiental valley and flooded the Tschingelalp with meters of rubble. Behind the mass of rubble, the mountain rivers dammed overnight a lake. The road to the Griesalp disappeared in the floods. It was later reconstructed further up hill. With the Lake Tschingel, as it was called, the scenery got even more attractive. The delta area of the Gornere river offered refuge to the water birds; and an exceptional flora colonized quickly. Since 1987, the lake and its surroundings are legally protected. But the small paradise is but transitory. Since the Gamchi glacier retires quickly, the Gorner river carries a lot of debris which are deposited in the Lake Tschingel. Today the lake is largely silted. Several river branches meander between broad gravel and sandbars. While this offers a very attractive view, the ponds and brooks do not have anything in common with a lake. In the foreseeable future the Lake Tschingel will be completely disappeared.