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World Heritage Info Point - Blatten in the Valley Lötschental

Well informed about the World Heritage Region: The info point of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch offers a large panorama map, details regarding the area and the nomination criteria, and a brochure shelf. There you will find the folding map for the UNESCO World Heritage site as well as a selection of the comprehensive series of thematic and regional brochures.
In Blatten in the Lötschental the old building structure and traditional cultures are preserved and promoted, and efforts are under way to keep the population constant. Local people live culture in active and various forms, usually linked to community life, such as the parade of the Grenadiers of God, the Tschäggättä, singing and music. 
Attractions: Kühmad with pilgrimage chapel, intact village centres (Blatten and 3 hamlets), the village baking oven, saw mill, mill and Walche, as well as flood planes of national importance.
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