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Trümmelbach waterfalls

The Trümmelbach virtually drains the famous Alpine triumvirate Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau on its own. Over the millennia the river has dug on its way from the bottom of the steep rock faces to the valley floor of Lauterbrunnen a deep gorge into the rock. There it overcomes in ten waterfalls a height difference of 140 m. The gorge is extremely narrow and partly strongly twisty. In particular, the top cascades receive virtually no day light. Since 1913 the Trümmelbach falls are accessible to public. A system of stairways, galleries and tunnels opens up to the individual waterfalls. The visitors can also bridge a large part of the height difference with an inclined lift. The facilities are open from early April to early November. The Trümmelbach falls are especially impressive in May and June, due to the snow melting on the mountain slopes. Then 20.000 liters water plunge per second down to the depth - a unique spectacle inside the mountain.


Trümmelbach Gletscherwasserfälle
3824 Trümmelbach / Stechelberg
Phone: +41 33 855 32 32
Website: http://www.truemmelbachfaelle.ch