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Moor Landscape Lake Grimsel

The landscape on the north shore of Lake Grimsel encompasses a picturesque mosaic of bogs and rocks: a typical rock outcrop bog landscape. On the mostly steep slopes the Ice Age glaciers have formed numerous terrain depressions, rounded rock hills and rock outcrops into the granite. In the depressions grow plenty of small and very small bogs. Even large wetlands exist, among them the fen Mederlauwenen. The fens are most frequent, they are kept wet by surface water. However, there are transitional mires, areas with peat bog vegetation and small, almost silted ponds. The flora of the wetlands is manifold: in a small space grow dwarf sedge and tall sedge swamp plants, Sphagnum moss cushions, spring swamp flora and wet scrublands. Other alpine plant communities like alpine meadows and dwarf shrubs such as juniper, alpine rhododendron, blueberries, heather and green alder can be found along the path.