Point of interest 

View point: Guggi Glacier

There is an excellent view from the Biglenalp to the Guggi Glacier. This is one of three hanging glaciers sticking at the steep northern flanks of Mönch and Jungfrau and at the western flank of the Eiger. They are part of the stunning panorama which made the Wengernalp famous already in the early times. The term hanging glacier describes the phenomenon exactly: while the accumulation area of these glaciers are situated in small valleys or rocky troughs in less steep parts of the mountain slopes, their ice tongues hang from the edge down to the abyss. Therefore in spring and summer, often ice breakoffs and avalanches thunder thorough the steep couloirs (channels) at the mountain slopes to the valley. The glacial meltwater is collected at the valley bottom by the river Trümmelbach.